Art in letters exhibition

YUNUS Emre Institute, together with London Culture and Tourism Office, will be showcasing Trakya University Faculty Member Dr. Ömer Kasim and the former British diplomat Terence calligraphy art to art enthusiasts Clarkon November 7, opened the doors for the exhibition, and will feature 22 different striking pieces from both the artist which will portray modern and traditional styles of Islamic calligraphy art.

The astonishing exhibition honours the artistic works of Dr Ömer Kasim and Sir Terence Clark, who are both very different from each other in terms of faith, age and their professional backgrounds yet they’re love for Islamic calligraphy art is the same.

Clark often opts for playful shapes that are inspired by the words of poets, such as Mevlana Rumi to create a whirling dervish, and a hunting poem by Abu Nuwas that form a Saluki (Persian greyhound), The former British Diplomat, who was stationed at the British Embassy in Iraq and trained throughout the course of his career, and continues his studies of Islamic designs in England. Kasim draws on Islamic prayers that are simply beautiful to look at, while also offering Muslims familiar with Arabic script a tranquil and spiritually-comforting series of visuals, Born and raised in Mosul, Iraq saw his first arts education at Baghdad University and later conducted his studies in Turkey.

Yunus Emre Institution London’s Director Mehmet Karakuş said: “We are delighted to host this wonderful collection of calligraphy. On paper, the lives of Sir Terence and Dr Kasim are poles apart, but as this magnificent exhibition shows, their appreciation of this classical art form and their ability to create original contemporary calligraphy transcends geography and culture. It’s a truly fitting way for us to celebrate our seventh birthday in London.”

Calligraphy art has been used for many years in the Islamic culture because of its astonishing and creative look. Islamic calligraphic inscriptions are derived from religious texts, poems and aphorisms, gracing decorative plates, coins, glass, metal, textiles, ceramics and wall hangings, as well as adding a colourful elegance to holy scripts. Expert practitioners must not only intimately understand the Arabic alphabet, but also possess the techniques to create vivid strokes that transmit key text by forming striking visuals.

The exhibition Art in Letters will open with a private viewing on 7 November, at which Sir Terence Clark and Dr Ömer Kasim will both be present. The public will have the opportunity to explore their stunning calligraphic work until next month, with the exhibition running until 8 December 2017.

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