London’s minimum wage rises to £10.20

LONDON’S Mayor Sadiq Khan has announced that the minimum wage for employees in London will be increasing to £10.20 per hour.

It was announced that more than 1,000 businesses signed the capital to voluntarily pay the minimum wage increase rate, such as Ikea, Lloyds TSB and London’s Borough Market, where big companies are located. The mayor, Sadiq Khan, said that the increase in minimum hourly wage was introduced before the Government’s minimum wage proposal, which was introduced last year and is expected to rise to 9 pounds per hour in 2020: “I am committed to making the London Living Fee rise to over 10 pounds and I am very happy that this has happened. I am determined to make London a fair and more equal city, and the fact that more than 1,500 businesses pay the fee is a good step for it to happen. And many more businesses and institutions. London is one of the most dynamic and prosperous economies in the world, but unfortunately this prosperity is not shared by all Londoners. Today more than two million people in the capital are struggling to survive and the ethnic pay gap is shocking unacceptably high at the time being.” Heathrow airport became the first UK airport to voluntarily accept the application of the Minimum Wage Foundation. The Foundation said that the 4.6% increase in London and the 3.6% increase elsewhere were due to a significant increase in inflation, an increase in housing rents and an increase in transportation costs. The announcement follows a new study by KPMG, showing that 5.5 million people in the UK or 21% of the workforce are still paying less than voluntary rates. Heathrow, who agreed to pay a high salary between more than 150 employers, said they would pay a voluntary higher living wage by 2020 to 3,200 airport workers. The Director of the Minimum Wage Institution, Katherine Chapman, said: “Thanks to the leadership of over 3,600 employers in the UK, committed to paying a real minimum wage to all staff, including security officials and security personnel.  Companies are ready to pay fairly even though they may be facing hard times but they believe that it has great benefits at the same time.” TUC Secretary-General Frances O’Grady said: “It is crucial to raise the minimum wage, and millions of people live in poverty, even though they are part of the working household, and these new prices will make a big difference for the lowest paid families in the UK and help keep their heads above water.” He also added that they continue to register with the system, committing to paying the minimum wage for more employees of the company.


London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced that minimum wage is going to be £10.20 per hour. The decision of the Minimum Wage Commission Joanne McCartney welcomed this decision because this decision will support hard-working families across London, including at Enfield and Haringey. Enfield and Haringey London Parliament Member Joanne McCartney said: “As the Minimum Wage Commissioner, I am pleased to announce today that many families are trying to live with low wages. I am convinced that this improvement will be very helpful to many families in Enfield and Haringey.” The Willow Elementary School Principal Dawn Ferdinand said of Haringey: “Being an employer with a minimum wage as an accredited employer means a lot to our school community, which means that everyone working for the Willow Elementary School and the Broadwaters Children’s Centre will have a new minimum hourly wage to be applied for hard work, a strong advocate of the increase in minimum wage I see the difference created for my schools staff and the effect on their families.”

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