Have your say on Hackney’s Local Plan

THE RESIDENTS of Hackney are given a chance to give their views on Hackney’s Local Plan a blue print development in Hackney up until the year 2033.

The Local Plan also known as the LP33 will put out policies that will guide the development and the investment put into the Hackney Borough. The plan is expected to help develop the borough that will serve the Hackney residents needs and expectations. The draft plan is available for people to feedback on now. It follows an earlier consultation in November 2016-January 2017, to gather initial thoughts on the priorities for the plan.

Some of the key proposals include:

  • Requiring all residential developments to contribute towards delivering affordable homes
  • Greater protection for existing industrial land and the designation of new industrial spaces
  • More affordable office space in the south of the borough, where rents are highest – with new development providing discounted space at 40% of market rents
  • Re-designating Hackney Central as a major town centre, to encourage further retail growth and investment

Cllr Guy Nicholson, Cabinet Member for Planning, Business and Investment, said: “Hackney’s draft Local Plan is an ambitious and bold document that describes what type of new development could be appropriate for our neighbourhoods. It talks about the facilities and infrastructure that a growing community needs and attempts to ensure that new development will make a positive contribution to the quality of life in the borough. “Hackney continues to change rapidly and not all of this change is for the better. Leaving the market unchecked to developers can see inappropriate development, it can drive up rents for housing and workspaces, and any investment into infrastructure can be piecemeal and fragmented. So now is the time to review the borough’s Planning and Land Use policies and make sure that development in Hackney is built for our future and not that of the market. “Please do feedback on the draft LP33, this plan really will make a difference to the Hackney of tomorrow.” Take part in the consultation by visiting www.hackney.gov.uk/lp33 pick up a copy from libraries or email planmaking@hackney.gov.uk for more information. The consultation is open until Monday 4 December. Consultation on the final version of the plan is programmed for later next year before the Plan is considered by an independent inspector appointed by the Government

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