Listen to Osman Balıkçıoğlu’s popular sketches


AUTHOR Osman Balıkçıoğlu, one of the most popular names in Turkish society in LONDON and Cyprus, has collected over 200 popular programs on radio in 15 years on a single USB.
Osman Balıkçıoğlu, said that the radio program titled “Mamıt and his accomplices” has a massive list of audiences, especially in the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot communities, made the following explanations to the London Newspaper: “In recent years, the understanding of entertainment has changed a bit. But the old ones know, we would listen to the radio and be happy. I gathered the most popular radio sketches we had with intense labour at that time in a USB memory. On this track, those who followed our programs in the past may experience nostalgia. ”
Balıkçıoğlu stated that he could send mail anywhere in the UK and he stated that the USB stick is 8 pounds including the postage fee for the purpose of advertisement. If you want to experience nostalgia and to listen to these valuable sketches on your car or at home, you can email or order from 07985 184160.

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