+1 Super Volunteers of Turkey came together

+1 SUPER Volunteers of Turkey came together for morning breakfast on October 8th. The Project, Communication, Thought and Volunteer Relations groups participated in the closed meeting platform to evaluate and shape the project ideas that emerged as a result of ongoing work during the summer months.

The +1 Turkey platform, known as the “Why No?” And “They didn’t involve you” campaigns in the constitutional referendum period and jointly organizing the May 19 Youth Fest activity with the TGB, will continue to work in Turkey with a focus on Contemporary Tomorrow.

+1 Turkey communications coordinator Eray Arda Akartuna announced that they were working to create a basic strategy during the summer. At the same time, Akartuna said that the project ideas that emerged as a result of the group meetings held in the summer months were brought together with the super representative’s team and opened to the proposal thanks to this last meeting.


Akartuna’s statements are as follows: “During the summer, the meetings we held set out our final priorities and created three strategic projects. On October 8th, we worked on the basic structures of these projects with our Super Volunteers. As a result of this meeting, three projects were supported and a project group was established to work on each project.”

Akartuna continued: “We will soon explain that the common point of these three projects is that Turkey will be a contribution to the contemporary and youth of Turkey which will benefit every part of our country. The developments in Turkey are affecting our young people and our future quite seriously. For this reason we decided to concentrate on these issues. In addition, among these projects, there are those who will contribute to our young people living in both the UK and Turkey.”


+1 underlining that Turkey is a voluntary working platform for the whole of Turkey and for Turkey. Akartuna expressed his enthusiasm for the work to be done and requested support from the community.

Akartuna said, “It is a working day for our country, drawing attention to the fact that there is a considerable potential abroad and that it grows day by day. Anyone who wants to contribute to contemporary tomorrow in Turkey can be +1. As a working platform on volunteerism, we realize that everyone can work according to their knowledge and experience as time permits. At the moment there are many volunteers who help us in what we can do, technology, law, finance, communication, the press and many more. +1 Turkey believes that if this is a possible platform and that everyone is coming from the hand, more or less, we should make a contribution for Turkey. You can have more information by following us on our site (www.arti1turkiye.org) or by sending an e-mail (info@arti1turkiye.org) “.

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