Northern Cyprus London representation launches e-identity applications


Internal Affairs Ministry Kutlu Evren.

Northern Cyprus Turkish Republic Internal Affairs Ministry announced that the London representation will be able to accept e-identity applications from 7 August on.

Speaking about the matter, the Internal Affairs Ministry Kutlu Evren stated that he is ultimately pleased to be proceeding with such enterprises that aim to simplify Turkish Cypriots’ lives in both Northern Cyprus and abroad.

“We can now confirm that after Istanbul and Ankara, we have now concluded our meetings with the London Representation to launch our e-identity system for the use of our people. Those who live in Britain are able to apply for e-identity starting from 7 August 2017. I wish this brings good fortune and happiness for our people in Britain”

Mr Evren also stated that further enterprises are being kicked off for the same service to take place in İzmir, Mersin, Berlin, Abu Dhabi, Bakü, Brussels and Rome.

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