Concert: Olcay Bayir to mesmerise London audiences

As part of her campaign to raise funds for her second album, London-based singer Olcay Bayir will perform a concert with other London artists at Epic Dalston on Friday 21 April.  Bayir launched a campaign on the PledgeMusic website where fans can contribute to recording costs by ordering her new album Ruya in advance, a system that is called ‘crowdfunding’. The campaign will finish on 30 April and must reach its target or it will not receive any funding.  Olcay has performed concerts across Europe and has appeared on BBC Radio a number of times.

Joining Olcay on stage will be Djanan Turan, who host her own regular club night in Covent Garden’s Library Club and DJs Ece Duzgit and Debora Ipekel as well as traditional folk singer and musician Erdogan Bayir, Olcay’s brother.  Says Olcay, “I’ve known about Djanan for a long time but we have never performed together. She’s got amazing energy, so I’m really excited about this concert. I’m going to perform some songs from my new album, though not all of them as we want to keep some as a surprise. I’m working with some great musicians so I am hoping that a lot of Londoners who have not heard us before will come to listen to our new sound. ” Ece Duzgit moved to London from Istanbul a few years ago and specialises in collecting old vinyl records. She and Debora Ipekel host their own radio show on Worldwide FM.

Tickets are £10 and doors open 7.30pm until 1am. The concert is organised by Kazum and Pan Productions. The crowdfunding campaign can be found at

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