Half of Britain’s most dangerous roads are in London


13 OF the most dangerous road are found in London, with A1010 from Tottenham to Waltham at the top of the list with a 12.7% accident rate. The nation average accident rate for the UK is 1.48% per million.

The department for transport published figures show that for every 100 miles of road in London almost 25 people are killed or seriously injured. The figures also show that deaths on the roads have reaches a 5 year high and since last year there has been an increase of 4% with a recorded 1,792 deaths last year alone.  London’s road are three time more dangerous across other parts of Britain.

Second on the list is A107 linking Whitechapel and Hackney, with an accident rate of 8.38%. Third is A105 from Canonbury to Enfield with an accident rate of 6.75%. On the list is also A315 connecting Bedford to Knightsbridge with an accident rate of 6.70%, A112 connecting Waltham Abbey to North Woolwich with an accident rate of 6.25%, A400 from Charing Cross to Archway with an accident rate of 4.40% and A4020 from Shepherd’s Bush Green to Uxbridge with an accident rate of 3.93%.

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