Government promises funding for health counselling in schools


The Local Government Association (LGA) is advocating for every secondary school in England to be provided funding to advance independent mental health counselling to all students.

There are increasing concerns which children and young people are being required to wait up to 18 months for serious support. The Government has declared a total of £1.7 billon to encouraging, safeguarding and improving children and young people’s mental health and welfare.

Councillor Richard Watts, Chair of the LGA’s Children and Young People Board, said: “No child or young adult should have to wait 18 months for vital support and guidance. Many young people might not have needed formal social care support if they had received the early help they needed.

“Providing just a small proportion of the funding it is spending on mental health support nationally to ensure every school provides on-site counselling, is one way the Government can ensure every child and young person enjoys the bright future they deserve.”

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