Summary of 2017-3


– International Workers Day was celebrated at Trafalgar Square with the intensive participation of Turkish speaking community.

– Turkish superstar Nukhet Duru performed at British Turkish Women’s Association charity ball, celebrating the associations 15th year.

– Hornsey Ataturk Turkish schools folk dance team won the European Turkish Folk Dance competition in Germany.

– The Turkish Theatre Festival was held for the first time in London.

– Deniz Gezmis, Huseyin Inan, and Yusuf Aslan were commemorated on the 45th anniversary of their executions at the Turkish and Kurdish Solidarity Centre (Day-Mer).

– The Turkish paediatrist, Ediz Ekrem, was sentenced to imprisonment for possessing more than 50 sexually explicit pictures of children.

– Consul General Çınar Ergin welcomed young people in the official dwelling on the occasion of 19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day celebrations.

– Hakan Hett aged 22, lost his life in a terrorist attack at the exit of a concert in Manchester.

June – 2017

– The 100th anniversary of the Turkish Cypriots’ immigration to Britain was celebrated with the 1st Turkish Cypriot Culture Festival organised by The Council of Turkish Cypriot Associations (CTCA)

– Manchester Turkish Film Festival was held under the leadership of Manchester Turkish British Association.

– Due to the month of Ramadan, many institutions organised iftar for different sections of the society came together.

– With the new application initiated by the UK Civil Aviation, extra security was emphasised on flights to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

– Ümit Sabancı and his friend Stephen James Finch visited 13 countries in 22 hours and 55 minutes and entered the Guinness world record book.

– Turkish citizens Şener Macit and Hanife Macit survived the Grenfell Tower fire.

– CHP UK opened a working office in London by signing a precedent.

– Travel Park events have lost their lives in the event was held in the municipality of Travel Martyrs in Lee Valley Park.

– The 7th Alevi Culture Festival, which was held in different regions across the UK, ended with a park festival.

– The North West England Turkish Society Association (NWTCA) participated in an eclectic Manchester Day Festival for 50 people representing the Turkish-British community.

– Muslims living in London flocked to celebrate Ramadan Feast.

– CHP Leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s ‘Justice March’, which was launched in Istanbul from Ankara, also took place in London with support from people living in England.

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