+1 Turkey is ready for 2018

WITH THE approach of the New Year, managers and members of +1 Turkey held its last meeting of 2017 and looking at the future event in 2018.

During the meeting +1 Turkey outline their goals of, explaining to the participants attending for the first time and for those who intend to participate in the platform had an opportunity to receive a brief summary of the platforms finance groups events, projects and thoughts. The platform particularly emphasized that they aim to make an impact and contribution to Turkey.


By definition, +1 Turkey said they will be focusing on training projects aimed at addressing basic areas such as “Justice, Core Values and Conscience”. Which appeal to essential emotions, for instance, opening and querying capabilities of young people’s and gaining projects for educational purposes. During the meeting, two proposals were presented in this area for 2018 whereby, the participant’s proposals were evaluated.


+1 Turkey and the teachers who attended the meeting for the first time from the West London Turkish Education Association exchanged information on how to strengthen school family links, also from Ankara, Muhtar Sevim Özsoylu Özdoğan, touched upon the problems experienced by children, youth and women in Turkey.

The details of all the projects described and the announcements on this subject will be shared on the web in the future days. For more information and communication you can visit www.art1turkiye.org.

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