Are you on debt? – TCWP is here to help

Do you have any debt problems? One of London’s biggest organisations helping women amongst Turkish speaking communities, Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project is set to provide information on debt problems. TCWP is now offering informative services on debt, loans and arrears with its confidential and quality services.

If you have a debt problem and live in North London area (Haringey, Enfield, Hackney, Barnet and Islington) you can benefit from TCWP’s debt advice Project. TCWP provides advice in debt areas including rent arrears, benefit overpayments, utilities debt, unpaid loans and many more. No matter what your debt problem is, TCWP is happy to help and maybe the hardest problems you think might have a very simple solution to it.

For an initial telephone assessment please call 020 340 3300 and ask to speak to the Debt Adviser in order to be assessed.


TCWP is a charitable organisation that is governed by a Board of Trustees (Management Committee). The Organisation’s work is managed through a service of sub-committees that cover services, building and finance. Any Turkish-speaking woman can become a member of TCWP and vote at the Annual General Meeting. There is an annual membership fee of £40.00 but although we try to maintain an equality framework of collection from all women who regularly receive advice, support and befriending, this fee is not a statutory requirement to become a member but it helps us to offer a better service to the women we serve.

Once a member, all activities organized by TCWP will be open to the women. However, there will at times be a nominal fee for certain activities/trips that members participate in.

Turkish Cypriot Women’s Project believes in developing and providing services that are essential for women and their families. The organisation believes that in order to achieve this it is essential to consult and integrate women’s needs. One of the fundamental principles of TCWP is to empower and enhance women; we provide a multitude of activities to further develop their skills and knowledge. These sessions may involve bringing in external agencies to provide the expertise on certain issues. We have seen that these interactive sessions/focus groups can build confidence and prepare women for many areas of their lives.

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