Artı-Bir platform launches referendum campaigns

Artı-Bir (Plus-one Platform) launches their special campaign season tackling the upcoming Turkish referendum. Opening a stall in North London’s Newington Green area, Artı-Bir staff briefed locals on why voting No would be a way for a brighter future.

Since Artı-Bir staff identify themselves and the union as a non-partizan initiative, the staff members remarked the importance of raising awareness regardless of any ideological reservations and thoughts. Füsun Yaman, from Artı-Bir, stated that their doors are open for everyone who are seeking for a brighter, more democratic and more modern Turkey.

“We are not a political organisation, we are a civil society movement. We trust the society but not the politicians. We seek ways to solve problems that threaten Turkey’s modernity and therefore we are always on the move to produce thoughts and take action.

“Our priority this year is to raise awareness towards the upcoming Turkish referendum and women rights. We seek to make people think over this matter as voting No isn’t a political siding to us. It is an act to preserve modern Turkey and grant a better future for next generations.  Yaman says that it is vital for people of Turkey to implement on what is good for the country’s future before political ideologies and/or visions. She says this is why Artı-Bir stands for being a non-partizan and non-ideological movement so therefore it provides the communities with impartial updates.

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