“Stop the Haringey Sell-Off!”

Story and pictures: Onur Uz


Dozens of locals gathered together to protest new Haringey Council enterprise of building a partnership with a private company to rebuild council property and land in Wood Green, Tottenham, Hornsey and Muswell Hill.

The demonstration that took place on last Tuesday on the Ducketts Common in Turnpike Lane saw many locals joining in to protest the Haringey Development Vehicle. The press release said that the privatisation plan will see Haringey council hand over 2 billion pounds of property and land to the HDV which will be half owned by a major Corporation and half owned by the council. This is expected to include 7 major council estates being demolished and rebuilt with only almost the half of the replacement homes being affordable which may create a financial crisis amongst the residents.

Speaking to Londra Gazete, the Secretary of Haringey Defend Council Housing Paul Burnham remarked the importance of the demonstration.

“The importance of today is that we are trying to prevent the council to dive into a massive partnership with a huge multinational company. Many council states will be rebuilt and council houses will be at stake. So really it is a fight for the local community here.

“A lot of people are worried about the risks of it going wrong.”

The enterprise will include a full rebuilding of council homes, libraries, park spaces, health centres, community centres, 500 shops and schools.

For more information on future protests, petitions and contacts please visit: http://www.defendcouncilhousing.org.uk/dch/

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